This high quality speaker is ideal for  discreet installations, it can be hung on the wall (or ceiling for Atmos speakers), and can be rebated into the wall, by removal of bricks, or better still a false wall (similar to dry lining) can be constructed to hide the shallow rear chamber , and all associated cables.

The AVC2 Flat Panel is a discreet 5.5 litre infinite baffle speaker, using the superb quality IPL/5/M/S shielded bass unit, specifically designed with a very stiff but light magnesium cone to give a very linear response and roll off, and a clean, detailed, but smooth sound.  The tweeter is the IPL TN25 textile dome compact unit with neodymium magnets and an exceptionally smooth response . This speaker has been designed to complement very high quality AV systems and is attractive and flat enough (only 110mm deep)  to wall mount. PLEASE NOTE. these speakers are not a compromise they sound superb, and have been further improved, with heavy duty high sound absorption pads on the rear panel.

The AVC2 uses a magnesium bass cone to ensure a delightful, dynamic, detailed, but pure, smooth sound with good speech clarity and sensitivity, and a bass response which extends down to 65htz. The overall balance is: large scale, clean but not bright ensuring that  the speaker does not become tiring to listen to at higher volume levels (as is the case with many AV speakers). There is provision to adjust the treble level to suit your AV systems, by changing a resistor in the treble crossover section. The crossover, which is  second order, uses  polypropylene capacitors in the treble leg, Steel laminate and super power inductors, and high power resistors.

 Also incorporated on the back internal panel, in the Plus kit,  is heavy duty rubber profiled damping lining,   together with profiled Acoustic foam on the sides ,top and bottom panels . This scatters the sound waves, eliminating boxy colourations, improving clarity and imaging and damps the back panelA connection panel with Gold terminals and a separate crossover board for mounting the components is also included in the Plus and Total Kits. For best results use with an IPL Active subwoofer SW4, SW5 or SW6  kit which will allow perfect integration. Please note;-The AVC2 can be used in any shape cabinet between 5 and 7 litres. The shallow box which is extremely strong in 18mm MDF can be painted or  veneered with the  iron on veneer as supplied by IPL in ash, mahogany, oak or walnut . 1 roll should do the front panel and sides, top and base of 2 speakers. The other panels can be painted a similar colour 


Impedance ohms....8 Dimensions mm..........360Hx 250W x110 D
Sensitivity db spl........88 Cabinet material .........18mm MDF; front, sides,  top and base. 9mm rear panel, and 6mm grille panel.
Crossover khz....... 2nd order  at 3.5khz Suggested wiring..........HU1 silver PTFE (2m)
Frequency response Hz..65 - 22k Frequency Linearity....+or- 1.0 db (200-20k)
Basic kit 2 x IPL/5/M/S,bass units, 2 x IPL TN25 tweeters, 2x crossover kits, full instructions.
Plus kit AS basic kit inc. Grille material (black or brown) and grille fixing studs, mounting screws,2 x CP2 L gold terminal panels and crossover board, Profiled Acoustic Foam, Profiled rubber damping pads .. Mounting brackets
Total kit As Plus kit inc. 18mm cabinet kit including grille panel.

 Cabinet kit included with total kit

 Iron on veneers see cabinet accessories