IPL M4 Magnesium Ribbon Mk3  5 litre  Compact Speaker


The M4 is a compact 5 litre Infinite Baffle monitor quality speaker using the superb IPL/5M/S shielded 5"bass unit with its steel chassis and light but rigid magnesium cone, and the excellent  Fountek CD 1.0 ribbon  tweeter with its ultra light 10mg ribbon and high strength  Neodymium magnets. This speaker gives a large scale  performance for its size with a good tight bass ,smooth, but detailed mid-band and a transparent  but delicate treble. This speaker can be freestanding or placed close to a rear wall or corner.   The M4s will compete with the very best of small speakers giving a smooth and very natural sound,. For best results use with an active subwoofer such as the SW4 or SW5.

The crossover is bi-wired and . It uses quality IPL and MKP polypropylene capacitors   and Super power large Steel laminate inductors inductors and resistors. The M4 may also be used in closed cabinets of between 4-8 litres , and ported cabinets of between 8-13 litres (see M3M Ribbon). The crossover is mounted on the rear of the CP4L Gold bi-wired connection panel supplied with the Plus kit. The Crossover has now been improved to the same specification as the M1TLM.

The ribbon tweeters have been tested, and individually matched for use in the M4 kit  (this presents a slight increase in cost over units purchased separately)



Impedance ohms..........8 Dimensions mm .......280h x 180w x 174d
Capacity litres..............5 Cabinet Material.......18mm MDF
Crossover khtz............4. 2nd order  Suggested wiring......3m HU1
Sensitivity db SPL.......86 Frequency Response .....70htz - 30khtz
Response linearity.......+or- 1.5db (250 - 20k)
Basic kit  2 x IPL/5/M/S ,  2 x Fountek CD 1.0 Ribbons, 2 x Crossover kits, full instructions. Please note, CD1.0 may have a square faceplate as shown or have a 100mm round metal faceplate.
Plus kit As basic kit inc. Grille material (blk or brn) ,studs, mounting screws, 2 x CP4Ls, Profiled Acoustic Foam.