IPL ACOUSTICS Speaker kits FOR HOME CINEMA USE, Flat Panel wall speakers, Centre Speakers, Active Subwoofers (Price List)


With the Advent of 4K Blu-ray, Dolby Atmos and High Definition Sound ,You have to get yourself a speaker system that will do justice to the new High Definition Sound Formats available.  A so-so speaker system will no longer do, IPL can help you put together a top quality system saving yourself a fortune over the equivalent commercial products!

  SW5, and SW6, 300 Watt Active Subwoofers

New Improved AVC1, AVC2, and AVC4 Flat Panel 

   AVC-PRO Centre

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Kit (click for details) Drive Units Cabinet Basic Kit Plus Kit P&P UK Total Kit P&P UK
AVC1 Flat panel per pair IPL/4/M/S and IPL N25 280 H x 220 W x 86mm D 120.20 146.29 11.00 183.29 pair 13.50
AVC2 Flat Panel per pair IPL/5/M/S & IPLN25 360 H x 250W  x 110mm D 144.00 175.50 12.50 215.50 pair 15.00
AVC4 Flat Panel per pair IPL/6/M/S &IPL N25 465H x  355W x 123mm D 165.10 201.63 13.00 258.63 pair 16.00
AVC-PRO Centre  single 2 x IPL/5/M/S mag basss,1 x CD3.0 ribbon 450 x 298 x 275mm 22 litre 233.00 single 263.14 single 12.50    
SW5 12" Active Subwoofer SAM 300D  amp & 12" HiVi Kevlar bass unit 420 x 405 x 405mm , 45 litre


To be confirmed 13.00 To be confirmed 20.00
SW6 15" Active Subwoofer SAM 300D amp and IPL 15AW20D 440 x 445 x 445mm 60 litre   To be confirmed 13.00 To be confirmed 22.00