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 M3M & M4


SM2 Ribbon

M5M Ribbon


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KIT (click) DRIVE UNITS CABINET BASIC kit PLUS kit   P&P UK TOTAL Kit inc cabinets P&P UK
M4 Ribb  IPL5"IPL/5/M /S mag. and IPL/Fountek Cd 1.0 Ribbon  280h x 180w x 174mm d  5litre  298 pair 327.00 pair 12.00 n/a  
SM1 Ribb IPL/6/K and Fountek Cd3.0 Ribbon 450h x 268 x 298mm d, 22 lire 430.00 pair 483.08pair 13.00 n/a  
SM2 Ribb IPL/8/K and IPL/Fountek  CD3.0 Ribbon 548h x 304 x 308mm d, 35 litre 454.38 pair. 518.60 pair . 14.00 n/a  
M3M Rib IPL 5?M/S mag  &  IPL/Fountek Cd1.0 Ribbon 450h x 242d x170mm w, 11 lire 298.00 pair 342.22 pair 13.00 n/a  
M5M Rib 2 x IPL/5/M 1 x IPL/Fountek CD3.0 per spk 930h x 180w x 237mm , 24 litre 510.84pair 570.84 pair 13.00 n/a  

See cabinet accessories for details of veneers available