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 SM2 Ribbon

M3M and M4 Ribbon

M2 and SM1 Ribbon

M5M Ribbon


Click on kit name (below left) for more detailed information on specific kits.  Prices include VAT


KIT (click) DRIVE UNITS CABINET BASIC kit PLUS kit   P&P UK TOTAL Kit inc cabinets P&P UK
M4 Ribb new  IPL5"IPL/5/M /Smag. and IPL/Fountek Cd 1.0 Ribbon  280h x 180w x 174mm d  5litre  256.40 pair 286.00 pair 11.00 336.40 15.00
M2 Ribb   IPL/6.8/D and IPL/Fountek Cd3.0 Ribbon 370h x 220w x 255mm d, 13 litre 425.10 pair 482.50 pair  12.00 n/a  
SM1 Ribb IPL/6/K and Fountek Cd3.0 Ribbon (NEW) 450h x 268 x 298mm d, 22 lire 360.00 pair 403.85pair 12.00 n/a  
SM2 Ribb IPL/8/K and IPL/Fountek  CD3.0 Ribbon 548h x 304 x 308mm d, 35 litre 384.38 pair. 434.43 pair . 13.00 n/a  
M3M Rib new IPL 5?M/S"mag  &  IPL/Fountek Cd1.0 Ribbon 450h x 242d x170mm w, 11 lire 256.40 pair 297.17 pair 11.00 358.17 16.00
M5M Rib 2 x IPL/5/M 1 x IPL/Fountek CD3.0 per spk 930h x 180w x 237mm , 24 litre 438.84 pair 497.09 pair 12.00 n/a  

See cabinet accessories for details of veneers available