Whilst IPL Kits are fairly straight forward to construct we fully appreciate there are people who may not have the time, or may not feel confident enough to construct the kits . I have listed below some customers who have offered their services to build IPL kits to your specification. If you wish to discuss further please contact them direct (whilst we cannot guarantee the quality of their work , I am sure the quality is good and they will supply photos on request)

 Please note this section is for the Kit building service only , Please contact IPL first to discuss your requirements, and supply the kit; at ivan@iplacoustics.co.uk . The kits can then be sent direct to the constructors listed below if requested by the purchaser.

1) Richard Ellis, Kit Building Service only , Cardiff, email richard.ellis10@outloook.com website www.alchemyloudspeakers.uk

2) Colin Bignell, Kit building Service only Shepton Mallet, Somerset. email thebignells@hotmail.co.uk

3) Tony Seaford, Kit building Service only, Burnley,  East Lancs, email tonyseaford@gmail.com 01282 773198

4) Colin North, Kit building Service only,  Cheltenham, email colin@iqspeakers.co.uk 01242 650559, website www.iqspeakers.co.uk