IPL M3M Mk3 Ribbon 


The M3M Ribbon is a very high quality 11 litre ported speaker using the superb IPL5M magnesium cone bass unit , with its steel chassis, light but very stiff cone and large shielded magnet system, and the excellent high resolution Fountek Cd1.0 Ribbon tweeter (the tweeters are matched specifically for each kit sold ) . This speaker has a ruler flat response extending from 37htz right through to 30khtz.. The M3M  has a very sturdy cabinet made from 18 and 22mm MDF , a double flared port, and is internally lined with profiled acoustic foam. The second order crossover  uses high quality polypropylene IPL  and MKP capacitors, ,High powered  Steel laminate inductors and resistors, has provision for bi-wiring, using the gold CP4L connection panels supplied with the plus kit.  The M3M crossover has now been upgraded to the same level as the M1tlm Ribbon. The Bass inductors are now the superb IPL Large Steel Laminate Cored low resistance inductors  giving a superior bass quality with these metal units. The M3Ms make superb Hi-Fi Monitors as well as AV speakers.

The sound quality of this speaker is large scale and very musical providing a clean, clear sound and a smooth but dynamic and detailed presentation with no listener fatigue. There is provision to adjust the treble and the M3Ms can be used as rear (and main) with the AVC3 centre (same units) or with the M3tlm Ribbon (same units) as main speakers in a high quality AV system. (The M3tlm Ribbon has the same drive unit configuration but in a Transmission Line cabinet). Plus and total kits now include the CP4L gold terminal/crossover panel



Impedance ohms..............8 Dimensions mm.......450hx170wx242d
Capacity litres..................11,ported Cabinet material......22 & 18mm MDF
Crossover point htz..........4k,2nd order Suggested wiring.....HU1, 4m reqd
Sensitivity db SPL............87 Frequency Response htz.....38 - 30k
Basic kit 2 x IPL 5/M/S, 2 x matched Fountek Cd1.0 Ribbons,2 crossover kits, full instructions, Please note CD1.0 may be square version , or may have a round metal faceplate (as shown)
Plus kit As above inc. Grille mat (blk or brn) and studs, Tnuts & bolts,2 x CP4L gold connection panels, Profiled Acoustic Foam. Double flared port.
Total kit As Plus kit inc. 18mm (22mm baffle and rear panel) MDF cab kit with shaped grille panel

Cabinet kit included with total kit

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