IPL M3TLm Ribbon Transmission Line

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 Back by popular request, just look at the feed-back on this model, our lowest price Transmission-Line .The M3tlm is a very compact transmission line with a huge scale and performance for its size,- it sounds far bigger and more expensive than it ever should . The M3tl uses the excellent shielded double magnet IPL/5/M/S  with its; magnesium cone,  and the superb HiVi Reseach  IPL matched RTWE ribbon tweeter, which has a fast ,detailed and transparent sound, coupled with a very smooth response extending to over 25khz! The sound quality of this speaker is quite outstanding having the characteristic smoothness of the IPL/5/M/S bass unit combined with; clarity, musicality, and an extended bass response. There is a naturalness to to the sound of these magnesium cones that is quite outstanding and very appealing. The stunning new M3tl can be used in relatively small rooms, but will also perform well in larger rooms. The M3tl has a very linear response with low distortion and excellent phase characteristics. All the drive units in these kits are individually matched for response and efficiency

The new improved Bi-wired crossover uses superb quality IPL PP capacitors where required, super power steel laminate inductors inductors and resistors. The total kit includes cabinet flat-packed in 18mm MDF, The cabinet contains 12 panels per speaker (all pre-cut and shaped) and includes, internal baffles and deflectors, full length shaped grille panel and a stand plinth. and IPL TLs are damped with Profiled Acoustic Foam and Long haired wool and can be easily tuned to individual rooms.  Instructions are very comprehensive, photographed step by step, and include details for fine tuning. Plus and Total kits now include the superb quality CP4L Gold bi-wired Terminal/Crossover panel as Standard




Impedance ohms......8 Dimensions mm .........750H (780 inc plinths)  x191W x261D
Recommended Amplifier power .....20 -1000 watts Cabinet material.........18mm MDF
Sensitivity db....86 Suggested internal Wiring ..HU1 4m reqd (silver PTFE)
Min room size ft.. 11 x 12 Crossover khz............3.2, 2nd order
Frequency Response...28hz-30khz Frequency Linearity...+or- 1.5db (250hz - 20khz)
Basic kit (pair spks) 2 x IPL/5/M/S, 2 x IPL matched RT1.3WE ribbon tweeters, 2 x Crossover kits, Full instructions.
Plus Kit As basic inc. Grille mat. (blk or brn) and studs, T-nuts and bolts, 2 x CP4l gold bi-wired terminal  crossover panel, Profiled Foam, L.H.wool, floor-spikes
Total kit As plus kit inc.18 mm MDF cab kit, (12 panels per speaker)
Total kit in 18mm MDF with deflectors and shaped grille panels, and stand plinths, can be veneered with iron-on veneer (about 3 rolls required for sides, front, and top) Iron-On Veneer available in ash, oak, mahogany and walnut (see cabinet accessories for detail)