The M5M Ribbon is a slim 24 litre floor-standing ported speaker using two IPL/5/M magnesium shielded units per speaker, and the  superb Fountek CD3.0 Ribbon tweeter   These two units combine together perfectly to give a near textbook response which extends from 40htz to 30khtz . The resulting sound is clean and open and very musical with good bass extension, imaging and a smooth, transparent non-fatiguing treble. 

The M5M will work well in almost any size of room  and can be placed fairly close to rear walls. At around 90db this is a sensitive speaker which should be easily driven by most amplifiers. The crossover is bi-wired using the large CP4L gold terminal connection panel,  and uses high quality polypropylene capacitors, (where necessary) and  Super Power Ferrite bass inductors and high power resistors. 

All units have been matched together to produce a class leading speaker, the sound is  well balenced, open and natural and a joy to listen to.



Impedance ohms.............6 Dimensions mm.....930h x 180w x 237d inc plinth
Capacity litres.................24 Cabinet material.....18mm MDF 
Suggested wiring.(6m)....HU1 Crossover at 3.9.k.2nd order 
Sensitivity db SPL...........90 Frequency response hz......40 to 30k
Min Room size.....10ft x 12ft Response Linearity......+ or - 1db (250 - 20k)
Basic kit 4 x IPL/5/M, 2 x Fountek CD3.0, 2x crossover kits, full instructions
Plus kit As Basic Kit inc Grille material (blk or brn) and studs, T-nuts and bolts,  2 x CP4 Gold connection panels, Profiled Acoustic foam, Flared ports, and spikes for stand