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The S2tlK CD3 Ribbon is a compact transmission line with a large scale sound. This speaker uses  the superb   IPL/6/K  bass unit with its ultra light but stiff  kevlar cone (a composite of paper and kevlar). The bass unit has a smooth response, sturdy cast chassis, and large shielded magnet assembly. The  Ribbon tweeter; is  the Fountek Neo CD3.0  ribbon which is a very high quality unit with high strength  NEODYMIUM magnets, ensuring a  fast and transparent sound. The unit has a very low resonant frequency of 400 Hz allowing a low crossover point of around 3khz.. The advantage of the ribbon is a 10 x better mass to magnetic flux ratio over most dome tweeters. This tweeter is used in the very best of commercial speakers costing up to 8500!   All drivers are matched for response and sensitivity.  The S2tlK Ribbon is a remarkable  speaker with a large bandwidth,- giving a natural open sound quality, a natural light and detailed midrange, and a very extended but controlled bass. This  speaker should be placed at least 10" from the rear wall and 16" from side wall, and be used in medium sized rooms. (at least 15ft by 12ft,- better firing the length of the room).   The treble has an ambience and sense of realism which is seldom heard with conventional tweeters.  All this is obtained without harshness ensuring that this is a speaker you can listen to all day without fatigue. The frequency response is extremely smooth and extended giving a well balanced and natural sound .

 The bi-wired crossover is 2nd order at 3.2 kHz, and incorporates high quality IPL and MKP Polypropylene capacitors in both the bass and treble leg, Top quality  Super Power IPL Steel Laminate bass inductors, and air cored treble inductors, and high power resistors. Line damping is with IPL"s profiled acoustic foam, and  Long Haired wool. for fine tuning. The total kit includes a very solid flat-pack cabinet , including internal baffles, angled deflectors ,and a shaped grille frame, . Plus and Total Kits now include the  CP4L Gold Terminal Crossover panel

Optimised cutting plan for a pair of cabinets supplied with instructions, 1 x 8ft by 4ft sheet of 18mm MDF  required for main body of cabinets. Small sheet of  9mm MDF required for  grilles



Impedance ohms...............8 Dimensions mm............... 903mm x 230mm x 310D
Capacity litres......40  triple-folded Cabinet material...............18 mm MDF (grille 9mm)
Crossover kHz......3.2 , 2nd  order Suggested int. wiring .....HU1 silver PTFE (5m reqd)
Sensitivity db SPL....88 Suggested min room size ..16ft x 12ft or equiv.best  firing down the length of the room
Frequency Response....26hz - 30khz Frequency Linearity...+ or - 1.0db (250 to 22khz)
Basic kit 2 x IPL/6/K, 2 x IPL Fountek  CD3.0 Ribbons, 2 x crossover kit, full instructions
Plus kit As above inc. Grille material and studs (blk or brn), T nuts and bolts, 2 x CP4L terminal/connection panels, 2 x sheets Profiled Acoustic Foam, & L.H. Wool,8 x SM6 adjustable floor- spikes, rigid foam for port

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