The S5TL Kevlar Ribbon is a large Transmission Line using the excellent  new 10" IPL/10/K Kevlar bass unit   with its high sensitivity, heavy cast chassis, smooth response, and massive (7"")  magnet, and ultra light but stiff  Kevlar/paper cone, and the high performance 5" IPL/5/M/S magnesium coned unit with its  superbly smooth but detailed sound, and the superb  new IPL Rt1.3M Ribbon tweeter . The sound quality of this speaker which has been developed with high quality components is quite exceptional with a stunning large scale presentation, and a clarity and transparency equivalent to that of the very best of speakers, but with the advantage of the extended but very controlled, dynamic, transmission line bass. The Mk 2 version of this speaker has a larger Coupling Volume resulting in an even more extended and controlled bass

The S5tl Kevlar Ribbon  is best suited to large rooms (at least 20 by 12ft,  best firing the length of the room at least 12" from rear wall and 16" from side wall), and is a superb blend of;- ambience, detail, and transparency, thus demanding good partnering equipment. The bi-wired crossover uses 2nd order slopes and incorporates IPL Polypropylene capacitors, where required, and  Super power L1 steel laminate inductors, and high powered resistors. The speaker has been designed to give near perfect linearity and phase response. The total kit contains the same 16 panel per speaker cabinet kit which includes separate spiked stands, and shaped grille panel, internal baffles and deflectors. The speaker is damped with 80% Profiled Acoustic foam, and  20%  New Heavy Duty Contoured Rubber Damping in the Top Chamber and long haired wool and is fully tuneable to suit your system and room.


Impedance ohms......8 Dimensions mm ...........1087H (inc. stands) x 320W x 385D
Crossover ....700htz and 4khtz Cabinet Material...........18 and 22mm MDF
Sensitivity db SPL....91 Suggested internal Wiring.....HU1 (silver PTFE) 7m reqd
Recommended Amplifier power watt......20- 1000 Suggested min room size.......20 x 12ft or equivalent
Frequency Response ...22htz - 30khtz Response Linearity..........+or- 1 db (250 to 20 kHz)
Basic kit 2 x IPL/10/K  Kevlar, 2 x Matched IPL/5/M,/S, 2 x  Matched IPL Rt1.3B Ribbons, 2 x Crossover kits, Full illustrated instructions
Plus kit As Basic kit inc. grille material (blk or brn) and studs, 8 x SB2 gold binding posts,  Profiled acoustic foam, Rubber Damping, and L H wool, T nuts and bolts and 8 x SM6 adjustable spikes for stand. port foam
Total kit As Plus kit inc 32 piece cabinet kit in 18 and 22mm MDF in Plain MDF, including stand and grille panels and internal deflectors

Cabinet kit supplied with Total Kit in Plain MDF, Veneer extra, about 5 rolls reqd for Front, sides, and top of cabs

Iron on Veneers see Cabinet accessories

Profiled Foam And Heavy duty Contoured Rubber Damping