A 35 litre front ported High Quality loudspeaker using the excellent 8"  IPL/ 8/K shielded magnet Kevlar unit with its high power handling, low distortion, linear response  and sturdy cast chassis, and the superb fast and transparent IPL/Fountek CD3.0 Ribbon tweeter. The sound quality of this speaker is outstanding combining smoothness, with amazing detail resolution, and transparency over the entire audible range. Because of its low distortion and accuracy this speaker is suitable for monitoring purposes as well as High quality Hi-Fi applications. The sound is fast, detailed, but delicate, combining a dynamic sound with a  musical presentation  covering a large bandwidth between 37hz and 30khz.. The IPL/Fountek Cd3.0  is similar to the Fountek Cd3.0 but pairs have been matched for response and sensitivity to the IPL/8/K bass units, This matching process is time consuming and involves specialist skills and test equipment and so incurs a small on-cost on the standard unit. The CD3.0 is now starting to appear in some very expensive commercial speaker designs. A  flared port improves smoothness of air-flow and bass quality.

The crossover uses an 12db/oct Low pass and a 12db/oct High pass  bi-wired crossover. Components used are high quality IPL Polypropylene capacitors, Super power and Steel laminate inductors and resistors. The Bi-wired crossover is mounted on the CP4L gold connection panel as supplied with the Plus Kit



Impedance ohms.........8 Cabinet material ........... 22mm MDF
Capacity litres.............35 Crossover......................3rd order 3.2 khz
Suggested wiring..........5m HU1 Efficiency db SPL...........89
Frequency Response...37hz - 30khz Dimensions mm .............548h x 304w x 308d
Response linearity......+ or - 1.0db (250htz-22k) Response Measurements by Audiosuite Sine and MLS
Basic kit 2 x IPL/8/K, 2 x IPL/Fountek CD3.0 Ribbons, 2 x Crossover kits, full instructions
Plus kit As above inc. Grille material (blk or brn) & studs, T nuts and bolts, 2 x CP4Ls, Profiled Acoustic Foam. 2 x 50mm  Flared ports
Total kit  Not available at present