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With ready built SAM-300D Digital amplifier crossover panel

The SW5 is a medium sized but very powerful 45litre active subwoofer with an exceptional performance delivering superbly controlled low bass. This is possible because of equalisation built into the crossover circuit. The 12" F12 Kevlar Bass unit  has a huge magnet, high power handling, heavy cast chassis, and very stiff  Kevlar  (mixture of paper and kevlar) cone and strong rubber surround.  The combination of these features gives The SW5 superb bass control and extension.

The extremely powerful SW5 SAM 300D digital  amplifier/crossover unit  exhibits, cool, silent  and economical operation. It incorporates;- adjustable frequency contouring (with crossover points between 40 and 200 hz), Variable phase control 0-180deg, and level control. It has; low level inputs, both mono and stereo, (for outputs from Home Cinema amps, and Stereo pre-amps) and high level inputs (suitable for use from the speaker outputs of a stereo integrated amplifier). The amp automatically senses the signal- shutting down when not in use. THIS AMP NOW HAS A 3 YEAR WARRANTY which you  activate via the internet, direct with the manufacturer (details supplied with the amp)

 This unit gives complete versatility with Home Cinema and Stereo systems. The superbly extended, but controlled bass, this unit gives is only achieved in the very best commercial subwoofers costing 2-4 times more. The subwoofer is suitable for both music and AV material.


The total kit includes a very solid flat-pack 25mm MDF cabinet, which can be;- veneered, (2 rolls MV1 reqd), sprayed, or covered in black ash Venelia. The SW5 is very simple to build and can be completed in a day. The unit comes complete with mains  input lead,. Low level input is via gold phono sockets.


Crossover frequency lower.......10htz Crossover frequency higher............40 to 200 hz   crossover.
 Low and high level stereo and mono inputs Sensitivity.....................................fully adjustable
Size mm...................................420 by 405 by 405 Variable Phase adjustment..................0 to 180 degrees
Plus Kit SAM-300D   Sub Amp and 12" Hi-Vi driver, including; mains lead, mounting screws, and Phono splitter, and full instructions for assembly and operation.
Total kit As above including 25mm Flat-pack cabinet ,and feet

 Cabinet kit included with total kit

 Iron on Veneers see cabinet accessories