A range of very high quality Ribbon tweeters with metal face plates, aluminium ribbons, and neodymium magnets and superb sound reproduction. The advantage of the ribbon is that it has 10 times the force to mass ratio that a dome tweeter would have, and so is faster and more detailed. The Fountek are some of the best and most consistent Ribbon tweeters available, having a transparent but not harsh sound quality. Sold in matched pairs. We recommend  a 2nd order crossover.. .Warning Ribbons must never be used without a crossover, and unless you have good measuring equipment it is not recommended that you use these tweeters as direct replacements for dome tweeters. When they are operating correctly they will outperform most dome tweeters due to a superior force to moving mass ratio. Unfortunately because of the extra work and testing required to produce consistently good results these ribbons  only tend to be used in the very best of speakers.

IPL Matched Units, The frequency response and sensitivity of Ribbons tend to vary far more than conventional dome tweeters , for this reason IPL will carry out response and sensitivity checks on every tweeter used in IPL Kits and match the tweeters to within 0.33db.  In this case the tweeter is placed in the specific cabinet with the bass unit and crossover, and measurements taken. IPL matched units are then boxed and marked with the  appropriate kit and the varying crossover component values. (any tweeters we cannot match are rejected, hence the on-cost of the matched units).

 It is IPL experience that  within a batch of 50 units there can be up to 3db variation and even the supplied matched pairs can vary by up to 1db (an audible difference) For this reason these time consuming tests on every tweeter are essential, and it is noted that every crossover for the same kit type will be different , so after building your kit it is essential to keep  your specific set of instructions.

Unit with metal faceplate (not plastic) Ribbon Size mm Chassis Size mm Power  watts Re ohms Sensitivity db Wt kg Fs hz min

 xover hz


 range hz


 mass mg

Price each

(inc VAT)

IPL Matched Units

(Matched for sensitivity  and response by IPL)

Price each

(inc VAT)

P&P per


Cd Neo1 square 38 x 8 85x70 25 5.0 89 0.5   3k 1.6-40k 10 76.00 86.00 9.00
Cd Neo 3.0 round 55 x 10 110 dia round 40 7.0 95 0.70 400 2.5k 1.4-40k 18 130.00 140.00 10.00
FR89EX 3"   81 cast 25 5.7 83.6 0.525 97 full range 79-20k   55.50   9.00





CD3 Response with 2nd order xover