The AVC3 is a 20 litre ported centre speaker using 2 high quality 5" IPL/5/M/S Magnesium bass units  and the superb  Fountek CD1.0  Ribbon tweeter. This speaker has an exceptionally smooth frequency response and has been designed to complement high quality AV systems in larger rooms where the listener is not more than 12 degrees off axis. (For rooms where you could be more than say 12 degrees off axis it is preferable to use a centre where the tweeter is placed vertically above or below the bass unit as with the  M3M Centre or The AVC-PRO)

The AVC3 uses very light  magnesium bass units to ensure a very clean and dynamic sound with good speech clarity and sensitivity and a bass response which extends down below 40hz.The treble and midrange are superbly clear and transparent The ribbon being much faster than a conventional dome tweeter. The sound is full and very natural ensuring that this speaker does not become tiring to listen to at higher volume levels. This speaker will perform as well as any centre speaker costing 4-5 times the price!. There is provision to adjust the treble level to suit your Av system by changing a resistor in the treble crossover section. The crossover has been designed to give a superbly linear response and excellent phase characteristics and uses high quality IPL polypropylene capacitors in the treble leg, Steel Laminate inductors, and high power resistors. The AVC3 uses a CP4l bi-wired connection panel for mounting the crossover

Special Attention has been paid to the cabinet which is Sturdily constructed in 22mm MDF, using 70% Profiled Acoustic foam, and 30%Heavy Duty Contoured Rubber Damping panels lining the inside of the cabinet. The Port is Flared to ensure smooth airflow and superb bass performance. 


Impedance ohms..........5 Dimensions mm............520 x 330 x 195
Capacity litres..............20.5 Cabinet Material...........22mm MDF
Crossover khtz............3.5 , second order Suggested Wiring..........HU1 silver PTFE (3m)
Frequency Response...40htz to 32k Frequency Linearity.......+or- 1.db (250 to 20k)
Basic kit 2 x IPL/5/M/S, 1 x CD1.0, Crossover kit, Full instructions
Plus Kit AS above, inc. ,Grille material and studs, T nuts and bolts and CP4L terminal panel, Profiled Foam, Contoured Rubber Panel, and  Flared Port
Total kit As Plus kit but inc. 22mm MDF cabinet including grille panel