IPL CROSSOVER COMPONENTS, Claritycap, MKP, IPL Supersound polypropylene caps, Inductors, Resistors





IPL POLYPROPYLENE SUPERSOUND CAPACITORS 400 VOLT Made to the highest specifications. Listening Tests Have Shown These Capacitors Are Some Of The Finest Available Regardless Of Price! Values up to 10ufd are flattened to tighten the windings    P&P 2.50 

1.5ufd.....4.10 2.2ufd..4.60 2.8ufd...4.92 3.3ufd..5.20 4ufd......5.54 4.4ufd........5.74 5ufd....6.10
6.8ufd.....7.50 8ufd.....7.84 10ufd....11.10 16ufd....12.84 20ufd...14.28    

MKP SUPER AUDIOPHILE Best Quality Polypropylene Capacitors 400 volt (Very clean and clear but smooth a great combination) P&P 2.50

1.0 ufd.. 2.40 2.2 ufd ..2.70 3.3 ufd.. 2.90 4.7 ufd.. 3.90
6.8 ufd ..4.40 8.0 ufd.. 4.80 10 ufd ..5.80  

CLARITY CAP SA (Super Audio) Polypropylene Capacitors, 630 volt Superb quality capacitors famous for their smooth and transparent sound quality P&P 2.50

0.68 ufd....3.95 1.0 ufd....4.06 1.5 ufd.....4.96 2.2 ufd.....5.30
3.3 ufd.....5.88 4.0 ufd.....6.34 5.0 ufd.....6.94 6.8 ufd.....8.30

Audiophile Electrolytic Capacitors

Audiophile Resistors


4.7ufd.....1.59 6.8ufd.......1.60 8ufd....1.76 10ufd.....1.80 12ufd....1.92 16ufd....1.93
20ufd......2.00 30ufd...2.30 50ufd...2.50 100ufd....2.75 150ufd...3.20-  

HIGH QUALITY 9+WATT AUDIO GRADE RESISTORS (High Power Ceramic, size approx 49mm by 9mm square)                            All 0.90p each P&P 1.70 Up to 6          VALUE IN OHMS

0.5 1.0 1.5 2.2 2.4 2.7 3.0 3.3 3.9 4.2 4.7 5.6 6.8 8.0 8.2 9.0 10 12 15 22

HIGH QUALITY INDUCTORS using high purity copper at 0.82mm except where indicated. Through extensive listening tests we have found this to be the optimum wire thickness for inductors up to 2mH After this we use 1mm wire. Any thicker and the sound tends to muddle, whereas any thinner and the DCR can be a little high. We have found Super Power Ferrite (dust) or Steel Laminate cores to be best in values above 1.0mH and Air-cored to be best below 1.0mH  If you wish for values in between those stated please send payment for next value above the value you wish for and indicate the exact value you require. We will then match them to that value       UK P&P 3.00 per pair

Air Cored Inductors

Super Ferrite Cored Inductors

Steel Laminate Inductors

AIR-CORED INDUCTORS (any specific value up to 1mh can be wound) P&P 3.00

0.07mh....3.10 0.1mh....3.50 0.2mh....3.70 0.32mh...3.90 0.4mh....4.20 0.5mh...4.40
0.6mh....4.60 0.7mh...4.70 0.8mh... 4.80 0.9mh...5.00 1.0mh...5.10  

SUPER POWER FERRITE INDUCTORS (any specific value up to 12mh can be wound) P&P 3.00

0.8mh...4.30 0.9mh...4.35 1.00mh..4.40 1.1mh....4.35 1.2mh...4.50 1.3mh...4.60

STEEL LAMINATE INDUCTORS (any specific value between 1.5mh and 4.9mh wound)

Exhaustive listening tests have shown that in many applications the larger values steel laminate tend to out perform other types of inductor by a considerable margin. IPL can supply any value between 1.5mh and 12 mh in steel laminate wound with high purity copper wire .

Value mH Wire diameter mm  Size mm Price P&P per pair
1.5 to 2.5 0.82 50 by 28 Small 10.00 3.00
2.5 to 4.7 1.00 60 by 28 medium 15.00 3.20
4.7 to 12 1.00 80 by 43 Large 22.00 5.00