Below is a small selection of comments from some of the customers who have recently purchased IPL kits. The following transcriptions are guaranteed genuine from unprompted letters or emails.


Mr T Poole writes regarding M1tls;  A year ago I spoke to you regarding one of your speaker kits and you recommended the M1tlm Kit. I have now purchased the kit from you and Richard Ellis assembled it for me. I took delivery a week ago.

Congratulations to you both . They sound marvellous in my small lounge and I take pride in owning a speaker system that is quite rare. sounds wonderful and looks beautiful too thanks to Richard `s skills.

Mr O Box writes regarding M1tls built during lockdown; Just to say that my self assembled mahogany veneered M1tlm speakers are going really well, sounding fantastic and making a big difference to Quality of life in Lockdown. I`ve tweaked the wool inside every now and then to get them sounding right. Out of deference to others I bought a cheap decibel meter, but it would be good  to play everything louder all the time  !

Mr A Slater writes regarding M1TLms; I`ve had my M1tlms for 15 months now, so they are well run in!. I must say I just love them, and never tire of listening to them. They are open, precise, and the sound is packed with detail. I`m driving them from a Naim Unitilite  and the clarity is amazing- many are the times that you really feel that your in the room where the recording was made, so apparent are the nuances presented. I`m so glad I built them. I painted them Matt black and leave the grilles off - they look great! Thanks for designing them!

.Mr D Sharman writes regarding M1tls,; These speakers have been used heavily in the last week I`ve had them. No doubt they are still running in, and they sound much better than they did on installation,( at which point they still sounded  pretty good.) Over the next month I expect they will settle in further but one thing is for certain- over the many years I have been into Hi-Fi sound, related to my love of music, I`ve never heard speakers as remarkable as these. As I go into retirement, I take comfort that at last I`ve found speakers that work well with my Naim system, and that they will give me many years of listening pleasure. I recommend them whole heartedly. (You can read the whole review on https://community.naimaudio.com/t/diy-floorstanders-for-naim-supernait-2/1079/73 )

Mr S Clewes writes regarding M1tlm Ribbons; Just a quick note to let you know how I got on with the M1tl kit. I procrastinated for a long time and was very sceptical about buying "blind", I even decided not to veneer the boxes as it could be a lot of work for something that is not used...... You see I am Mr Disappointed, After owning all sorts over the years I have always found my Hi fi systems fatiguing after a short while. I've been to Shows, read countless reviews, spent enough money to buy a new car, and never found what I'm looking for..... I thought it was me, I'm just not listening right or I don't understand. And now This!! two weekends work, less the price of a weekend away and I am completely gob smacked. These little drivers sat in an MDF box do something, no speaker I've heard this side of 2000, even get close to. I played some of my dullest, flattest tracks in my collection and my jaw hit the floor! I was treated to a fully rendered landscape of proper music that stretched way beyond the dimensions of my smallish listening room. The ribbon tweeter is among the best I have ever heard and I was shocked to hear such detail from some familiar recordings. Dynamics, leading edge of notes are as important as the bass extensions too and here my little drivers in MDF boxes deliver the goods in spades. And so the bass..... These little speakers are so evenly balanced that the bass does not dominate everything else, but if its in the music its definitely all there. The control and grip on the bass lines is simply staggering, nothing comes close. These speakers do everything right, not absolute perfection, but unless you have a 5 figure budget and a custom built listening room they simply deliver.

My advice to anyone interested in building their own or fed up of an endless pursuit of mainstream dross; Stop thinking about it, buy the M1tl kit, Clear the dinning table (you can eat later) build these little gems and forget about Hifi just listen to the music. Ivan your the man, I cannot thank you enough, keep up the good work!

Mr M Spencer writes regarding M1tlms; Having moved over to the M1tlm from the ___ 685 book shelf speakers, all I can say is I`m amazed at what this transmission line speaker sounds like, The bass is punchy but not over bearing and the imaging is astounding. I spent all day playing my vinyls and cds to hear the clarity of music come alive. Soundstage and overall dynamics made me feel as if I was in the recording studio myself. Acclamation for the actual build of the speakers goes to none other than Richard Ellis himself, from http://www.alchemyloudspeakers.uk  . His workmanship in my eyes is close to near perfection, as I`m sure he is still striving to to claim the ultimate build award should there ever be one. His veneering skills are astonishing and attention to detail, makes a build (worthy of any home setting) look like a work of art. Passion and devotion all in one. The juxtaposition of Ivan`s speaker kit and Richard`s build amalgamate into a sonic feast of music bliss.- The end

Mr T Mainprize writes regarding M1tlms; Its been about a year since I ordered my M1tlm speakers, I really enjoyed building them, and once I got my head around it,  the construction  and build is of the highest standard, a credit to you. Now having listened to them for an extended period I must say they are superb, they certainly impress visitors too! Also thank you belatedly for the fantastic customer service, It was second to none.

Mr J Coulson writes regarding M1tlms Ribbons, ;-It may have taken a while but my speakers are now complete and sound absolutely stunning!, A beautifully well rounded speaker and a pleasure to listen to, should anyone be in my previous position, I would not hesitate to recommend your company wholeheartedly. Many thanks.

Mr A Slopecki writes regarding M1tlm Ribbons, Have just turned the speakers on for the first time. They are replacing mission speakers that were top of the range when bought. I am using Naim pre and power amplifiers with Naim CD player,-Bottom of the range. I know they still have to run in but even given that they sound fantastic. So pleased Just need to finish the grilles and bottom port.

Mr D Reid writes regarding M1tlm Ribbon, Many thanks for your help and supplying me with this amazing kit, I am absolutely chuffed to bits with the M1TLMs! There is a massive improvement over my previous floor standing speakers. I will be listening to allot more music again now!

Robert Wilson review for Dynamic Headroom on S2tlk ,please see link ;-http://dynamicheadroom.audio/gear-reviews/ipl-s2tlk-review/

Mr DM Buckland writes ;-Happy New Year . This is just a quick message to say how thrilled I am with the M1tlms they are absolutely fantastic!. My dad can not stop listening to them! Hope you had a great Christmas and keep up the good work with the speakers.

Mr I Cotterill writes regarding the S2tlks, They were replacing my much loved  -&- 602 SI`s . I tried a couple of test tracks through the 602`s first ,then changed over to the IPL`s. I sat back and played the opening track which was  Peter Grabriel`s version of Bowies" Heroes". From the slow build up I was nervous , then the rumbling bass came in & through to the thrilling climax of the violins, I knew then I had bought right! Vocals and midrange were so much warmer and richer.

Next up was Def Leppard`s Where will love go when it dies? The vocals and harmonies blew me away! Then Seals brilliant; Silence! showcasing his vocals, I was hooked. I read the reviews of other customers, and I have to say they were spot on about the levels of detail, & not being fatiguing at loud levels, they are just so controlled. The Cd63 has now been replaced by the CD17 KI , and the detail is even better. The system now really sings, these speakers have made everything gel. My friend who has a Naim system reckons these IPL`s sound better than his DBLs. Recommendation indeed!

Mr PJ Boyse writes regarding S2tlks, Just a quick email to say thank you for supplying the S2tlk speaker kit. I can honestly say these are the finest speakers I have ever heard. The soundstage these speakers produce is totally astonishing. I have been trying to beat these speakers into submission with an array of classical, jazz, blues, rock,- choosing the most demanding tracks... but that is impossible. I had truly forgotten how good transmission lines speakers are, this together with the extremely fine speaker units supplied with the kit make listening to any music a complete delight. The ten days of construction, veneering and frustratingly waiting for the polyx wax oil to dry has been worth it. "You have one very happy customer"

Update;   I do not truly understand what you have provided. "Perhaps invisible speakers". After a month of varied music (blues, jazz, classical. rock) the speakers are getting better and better. I really don't know if it is the perfect room match /amp /pre-amp, deck, DAC, or whatever else. I have not heard such a perfectly neutral sound, since the early 70s. The only word I can describe is completely; "MUSICAL".... Nothing more....... Nothing less.   A fine design;- I have not heard anything this side of ridiculous money, that sounds better.

Mr A Price writes regarding S2tlk Ribbons; I thought I would let you know I now have the speakers up and running and they sound superb, I am delighted with the sound, staging and detail across the range, my neighbour spotted the cabinets and was interested to know where I got the kit, it would seem that he purchased a kit from you when you were based in Wiltshire, I used Zebrano veneer to cover the cabinets and they do look very good.

Mr F Shumacher writes regarding S2TLK Ribbons, I built the speakers over the weekend and fired them up last night for the first time. I don't know about my neighbours but I am absolutely delighted. Although they are still running in they already sound better than anything I have owned. Thanks for making high end audio affordable with these kits.

Mr C Duff writes regarding S2tlP Ribbons, You may remember I finally bought the S2TLP Kit and after running them in for a few weeks I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with them. I had originally intended to run them off a Denon system to replace a pair of Wharfedale 802.3s but it quickly became apparent that they are much to good for that setup . So off to the loft to retrieve my mothballed Quad Kit  and try again. This proved to be a much better match but also reminded me the Quads were in need of a service. This has now been done and the results are just wonderful. I had been in the process of archiving my Vinyl collection but this process has come to a halt as I have found myself just sitting and listening to the music! . Many years ago I owned a pair of IMF Domestic Monitors which I was forced to sell for reasons of space. For the first time in nearly 30 years I can hear proper bass but with much improved mid/treble. A friend of mine who still runs a pair of IMF RSPM 4s thought very highly of the S2tlps remarking on both the extension and the clarity in the bass and the beautiful transparency of the ribbon tweeter, and she is not easily impressed. One day space permitting Id love to build the S5tl.

Mr A Rowe writes regarding S2TLP Ribbons, Just a quick note to let you know that I finished my S2tl kit a couple of months ago, and I am very pleased with the results. The extra speed on transients from the Ribbon tweeters is everything that I was hoping for, and in every respect they are a worthwhile upgrade on my much loved but now rather elderly M3tl speakers (Morel bass units). Thanks again for designing and producing fine kits- a real example of high -end performance for a relatively low-end budget.

Mr J McWilliams writes regarding S2TLP Ribbons:  Wow and Wow! The first is  for the left speaker and the second is for the right speaker. I have completed the speakers and tried them. Having not heard them prior to purchasing the kit I was relying on what I had read on the internet. I can say I am not disappointed in any way. Even my wife likes them - and she is very picky. I will spend some time listening to them and tweaking them, But I am not in a big hurry to experiment as I want to give them some time to settle in and for my ears to adjust.

Mr M Laister writes regarding S2TLP Ribbons, I bought a pair of S2TLP s speakers from you in December 2014, They are marvellous They went together very well, and the sound they make is  I think the best I have ever heard, They are more enjoyable to listen to than my ---805s and I think they beat the 801s I used to own too (I have never had a room big enough for them) Your advice was spot on- The S4s would have overwhelmed my rather crowded 12x13ft room. The S2s are a great match.

Mr J Morton writes regarding S2tlP Ribbons; Well the speakers are completed and I feel compelled to write and tell you just how impressed I am with them. I spent months considering various speakers up to 2500. The music I love is techno/electronic dance/experimental stuff loud, but my room is not huge. The S2tlp Ribbon speakers are frankly amazing. Astonishingly good low end frequency response, but the bass is tight and controlled and not booming . Mids are great, hi-hats beautiful and crisp at the top. Close your eyes and the speakers just disappear. Not too warm, not too analytical- no speaker fatigue at all even after prolonged listening. I was kind of preparing myself to be underwhelmed as I built everything up, but far from it- they exceed my expectations. Source kit is turntable or streamed FLAC files via Audiolab 8200CDQ combined CD, pre-amp, DAC, and class D Audio 400wpc (into 8 ohms) power amp. Thank you very much for an exceptional piece of kit.

Mr s Bunting writes ; The S2TLMs sound fantastic; I finished your kit last Friday and have had a very nice weekend listening to my record collection and hearing things I had never heard before. Even my wife is impressed at how good they sound

 Mr. Sullivan Twyford writes; having purchased an M3tl kit from you last Christmas , I have now lived with the completed speaker for several months. The accuracy with which the panels were cut and the clear instructions made the speakers a joy to construct. The end result was quite astounding and never ceases to raise comment from all who hear them. Once it was found they were built on the dinning table and cost under 300 the reaction is disbelief. .Even my wife approves!

Mr I Ilonso Spain writes; I am a sound engineer and producer from Catalonia (Barcelona) . I was recommended to check the IPL M3M kit for using it as a reference monitor for my control room. I have tested a pair from a colleague and was really impressed with the quality, precision, and beautifulness of the sound. I would like to know if you could send me a pair here and how much it would cost. Many thanks and congratulations for your work.

Mr Stuart Parkins (China) writes; A short note to express my complete satisfaction with all the speakers, I finished the S3tlm Ribbons,M3Ms,M3M centre, and SW4, (probably the first set of speakers to be made in a converted barn in a tiny village south of Nanching). After critically listening to a wide variety of my favourite CDs (high quality amp and IPL recommended cables) I am 150% satisfied with the sound in every way, Moreover the proportions of the cabinets (varnished, dark brown veneer) are aesthetically very pleasing. Excellent value for money 

Mr P Freeland writes regarding the M3Ms; Just a quick note to thank you for supplying the excellent components (Plus kit) for the M3ms speakers . Having run them in now, I can report back that for their size they punch well above their weight and sound fantastic!. I am driving them with a refurbished Quad 33/303 which seems to complement them perfectly. Thanks again Ivan for a great design, which I have had hours of enjoyment building, and look forward to hours of enjoyment listening to.

Mr G Coleman Writes regarding M3M Ribbons; Just dropping you a line to say thanks for supplying an absolute cracking speaker kit, I have just completed them as my wife would not let me have the electronic components until Xmas. They have not had much chance to settle in yet but the quality is outstanding. A joy to put together and a bigger joy to listen to. I will definitely be purchasing more speakers from yourself. Many Thanks.

Mr Bate writes ;-the M3M Ribbons sound fantastic an absolute bargain.

Mr C Booen writes re the M3M Ribbons, Speakers are finished and sound amazing even with my old amplifier.

Mr Walker writes; I recently purchased 2 AVC1s from you and I would like to say I very much enjoyed building them, and the listening experience compared to my B&W VM1 is light years ahead.

Mr Gray writes;- regarding M3m centre, M3ms as rear, and M3tls as fronts, with SW4 sub, System now up and running,-Very pleasantly surprised by the sound, I especially like the sound of the M3tlms;- very clean and plenty of range.

Andrew and Ana from Gener8 Sound Solutions Ltd write(M3tlms); We have built and veneered the M3tlms in oak and they are looking and sounding great. We have set them up in our main system in place of our Quad ESLs and are using them daily, Our initial impressions are;..........Powerful controlled sound that instantly gets your attention,...Very impressive integration of the drivers (almost completely seamless),...Very musically engaging performance with excellent bass depth,........Excellent depth of soundstage, instruments well placed and voices located dead centre,.....Easily placed with a small footprint, making them very room friendly,.......Great to look at!.      Ana and I would like to congratulate you on a superb product, that on initial listening confidently outperforms any sub 1000 speakers we have heard.

Mr A Seaford Lancs., ( Speaker designer) writes on the 5" Magnesium unit used in the M1tl ,M3tlm, M3m, AVC3,  M4, S5tl, and M3m Centre. This is a remarkably good driver. It produces sound that is so natural and smooth just like real sound. When listening to the DAB radio on TV or from CD or DVD, the driver seems to give you all the source information in a very natural way without ever drawing attention to itself. I don't know of any other driver at any price that can do this. The frequency response is very smooth with none of the "nasties" that metal cones often display. This makes it easy to produce a crossover to give a flat response and integrate well with the tweeter. The designers and engineers that produce this driver should be commended for their considerable achievement

Mr C Hayward (formerly with Kelvin Labs) writes regarding the M3tlms;  I have been an enthusiast for more than 35 years and was involved with the Hi-Fi business professionally for several years, owning many speakers, and using many more from floor-standers to bookshelf models, and I can honestly say that these are the finest speakers I have ever owned, and one of the best I have ever heard.  In particular, the sheer transparency and believability of the stereo image produced is remarkable. There is no obvious distortion, colouration or over emphasis throughout the frequency range .The bass is well controlled in my 12ft by 15ft sitting room ,the midrange is clear with great vocal reproduction and the treble is faultless and detailed. My only comment regarding their suitability would be they are so neutral and revealing that they demand to be used with the best (not necessary the most expensive) source equipment and amplifiers. (Equipment  used; Yamaha DSP-AX757SE and Pioneer DV-525 bi-wired SC2 (URM67) only mod lift speakers slightly higher off floor to suit the room)

Visitors from fellow enthusiasts to complete non-enthusiasts have been amazed that suddenly there is someone in the room singing and playing to them .One enthusiast commented that this was exactly what he is trying to achieve. The speakers were not hard to build (and I am not a DIY expert by any means) They have proved to be superb value for money.

Mr F Benson writes regarding M3tlm Ribbons; In March this year I purchased a pair of M3tlm Ribbons in total kit form, following a visit to you. Even whilst I was running them in and making adjustments to the wadding and crossover it was apparent that I had bought something rather special. I have now reached, if not the optimum performance, a set-up that far exceeds my expectations and is well suited to my listening room Together with the Williams hart monoblocks. I am absolutely delighted with them. I now have a truly spectacular system. A friend in North Perrot was so impressed he has bought a pair of his own. (and the monoblocks).

M3tl Internet review "ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/cmelhuish/speakers. tm" How Do They Sound? Well, simply superb (to my ears at least). They are smooth with no harshness in the high frequencies, and of course being a transmission line design, the bass response is extended and "tight". Bass notes exhibit a degree of bite and detail not previously heard in my old bookshelf speakers, but none of the "boomyness" that is associated with Infinite baffle designs

Mr. A J Milverton writes; I Purchased the M3tls at the beginning of the year they are now complete and run in providing a distinct improvement over my previous speakers. They are well worth the time and money spent in constructing them.

Mr. Duberley, Greenford writes; A few years ago I purchased the M3tl kit which has given me hours of listening pleasure. The sound is so natural in comparison with speakers costing several times more. 

Mr K Whitlock, Kent writes, I recently built a pair of your M3tls for a friend ,they are now run in and sound superb, as good as any commercial product at around 1 - 1.5k 

D McShane writes regarding S4tls; I took a few days to read the instructions, and started the build 1800 Friday, and finished Monday 14.00,- 16 hours in total , However when the glue dried on Monday I was just blown away!!! The law of diminishing returns was shattered ! My expensive old speakers have now been replaced by the best sounding speakers I have ever heard! . I kept to the instructions exactly and do they deliver! Thanks for that personal service, and good advice.

Justin G from Auckland NZ writes regarding S4tls exerts from review, for full review see http://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/128279-ipl-acoustics-s4tl-speakers/?tab=comment#comment-2260727 

I have now played them for about 5 weeks and tested them against different speakers in different rooms. The IPL speakers are amazing they reveal so clearly things that were only hinted at by other speakers. They have such tight control over the bass there is not a hint of boom, but the low bass is there.  All the way down it plays musically with no hint of the "sameness" boom you get from  speakers with less range at the low end. Anything which previously sounded like it was at the low limits of my TDLs or big Tannoys is now delivered tunefully and distinctly from the IPLs............................................

John Gardener writes regarding M3tls, Just thought you might be interested to know that I finished the speakers about a month ago and that I am absolutely delighted with them, They really do sound far more expensive than they are and do have a genuinely extended bass response, my brother in law who is a real Hi Fi buff was go-smacked by the sound especially the bass when I played some of the  Miles Davies "Kind Of Blue" Album. He thought they were worth well over 1000.

Mr S Crick writes, I finished my M3tlms last night and fired them up. I was very impressed by the scale and delicacy of the sound produced- and that was the first hour of listening. I understand they get even better when they are run in. Well recorded classical music was gorgeous with individual section being clearly heard. Many thanks for providing such a wonderful kit and for answering all my questions , I will recommend you to whoever will listen!

Mr J McCormick writes regarding S4tls; Lacking the eloquence of others who have left reviews and feedback for your products, suffice to say they have exceeded  my (pretty high ) expectations, and then some . They are simply the best speakers I have heard at any price.

Mr P Sartoris Writes regarding S4tls, The S4s have it all ; detail, timing, tunefulness, rock solid bass, liquid treble, and an open midrange, Ive had speakers costing nearly 4 times the price which did not sound nearly as good. Stonking value for money even when you factor in the cost of getting someone to build them for you, (Richard at Alchemy Loudspeakers in my case -also highly recommended.

Mr P Boyce writes regarding the S4tls; Well its been a week now and I get astonished by the day, It just gets better and better, These are most certainly the best speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.  I sometimes wonder where the sound comes from!!  foot tapping on every track played, regardless of whether its; Vinyl. Cd, SACD, FM, or DAC  and a sound stage to die for.  A truly superb speaker.  Your design is, to say the least,  "Up there with the best currently available, for loads more money"

Mr D McShane writes; ,When the glue dried 0700 Monday I was just blown away!!, The law of diminishing returns was shattered, My expensive old speakers have now been replaced by the best sounding speakers I have ever heard , I kept to the instructions exactly and do they deliver. Thanks for that personal service and good advice,

Follow up from P Boyce after a month;

I hope you post this review, to let others know just how good these speakers are. To start, perhaps I will be condemned for having an over bloated Hi-Fi System, but this is a genuine review based on what I've heard, and not my current equipment, Also I have friends with more money than sense to make the point!! I've compared these with many commercial speakers i.e. the --- ----/--  (which cost 5 times the amount of the IPLs and they don't even come near).  All I can say , if you want invisible music that is so natural, regardless of cabinet size, this is the speaker for you. Some experimentation on connections, and my final offering is ... Van Damme (Shotgun) Fisual Connectors (amp end) / Black Rhodium, locking Banana plugs (speakers)... however I guess Ivan may disagree. However I leave it to you to try either!!!

 These speakers are as good on a 500 system or a 50,000 system.... I can assure you. My Current system ;- McIntosh MA2275 valve amp, Townsend Rock 7 /SME V/ Benz Wood, Dynalab Magnum FM Tuner (FT101A)+ FM Signal Sleuth, Teac UD 503 DAC. Marantz 904 SACD/DVD/CD Player.  Anyway to the point ..... This is my second build of the wonderful IPL Speakers. Now had the S4tl Kevlar Ribbons for about a month after a very intensive (TLC)  build and all I can say is "What fabulous speakers they are" .

Eivind Fredheim Norway writes,; I bought a S4tl kit from you last year, but did not have time to build them. Started on them again a few days ago and now they are finished. I can not believe how good they sound!. Of course they need hours of playing before they sound their best, but they are already surpassing my expectations!!  Will recommend them to everyone who has the room for them.

David writes (speakers built for him by Paul Clark Marlow) re S4tls;  The speakers now are quite literally light years ahead of what we heard from --- speakers, I have never, anywhere, at any price, heard sound of this quality, now they are just sending little shivers with each new disc. just listened to Tom Waits, voice was just so amazing, listened to Floyd and scale of image just blew me away, I am now addicted to a Weather Report again because the huge scale of sound, musically and sheer rhythmic coherence- just makes it an absolute blast. I am holding back on the ultimate of Massive Attack.

Mr S Nicklin writes re S4tl Kevlar ribbons, Just to let you know I ,have finished the initial part of building these speakers and tried them out for the first time today. Even new and cold these sound special, The resolution from the tweeter is amazing- pretty close to the Martin Logan Electrostatic I heard a week ago (without the negatives which meant I couldn`t live with those)  Range is superb and musical to a low frequency. I can tell these are special- within minutes, I am not critically listening any more just enjoying the music.

Mr P Korab writes; Id like to order some cable for my S4tl Kevlar Ribbons which are sublime, The speakers sound superb with an incredible amount of detail, I am hearing things that were only confined to decent headphones- and on basic 79 strand - amazing! I have not heard speakers that will live with these at any price and I've heard speakers costing up to 20k purporting to be "Hi-fi", even my partner was extremely impressed and she is not a Hi-fi buff!

Mr H Mourisdsen Denmark writes regarding S4TL Kevlar Ribbons, I just wanted to express my happiness with my new speakers. The soundstage is just amazing -its so well balanced and natural sounding, I have added 18gms of Wool to each speaker and it seams to work very well after 2 weeks of play.

Mr D Whiteside Chippenham, writes regarding S4tl Kevlars; Id like to add how pleased I have been with the S4tls which have provided sound quality, clarity, and dynamic reproduction far better than I could have hoped for the price. Also many thanks for your advice in selecting this model which I can now understand why it is the best choice for my living room.

Mr N Norris writes ; Just wanted to say thank you for designing such a wonderful speaker. I have just built your S4tls and they sound amazing! - The bass weight, clarity and scale far exceeded my expectations.

Mr. J R Stowmaket writes (letter to Hi Fi World regarding S4tls) I haven't done any woodwork since my schooldays, yet still managed passable results. I wouldn't have cared if they sounded terrible, but to my unbiased ear they are superb more than repaying the effort that went into them.

Mr. Hewett, Ponteland writes; At last I have found time to thank you for the fine pair of S4tls that are now working well in my living room . They have been running for over a month now and sound superb without any further tweaking . The Audio dealer who supplied my  amp was amazed at the sound especially when I told him they were home-made and cost less than 300.

Mr. Morin Dunkinfield writes; I must say how chuffed I am with the excellent S4tl speaker kit I have recently assembled,. The sound quality is  absolutely delightful , sweetly detailed , and has easily surpassed my expectations.

Mr M Blocki writes;- Just to let you know I have eventually finished building the S4tl Kevlar Ribbon speakers I purchased back in August, It has taken me a long time, 1 hour every the evening if I got the chance. Anyway it has been well worth the wait, they sound excellent, better than anything I have heard. The treble is smooth and very detailed and the bass is fantastic and well extended, even though they are probably not in the best positions.

Mr A J Law Preston writes; I purchased the S4tls from you some months ago and I would like to thank you for a superb sounding kit that is almost unbelievably good value for money. Before I  bought the kit I had auditioned speakers up to 3000 in my room and the S4tls are light years ahead Thanks!

Mr M Ray writes , just to let you know the M4s are built, and plugged in, they sound fantastic- than you

Mr. Ellis Cardiff writes, I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with The M4s I bought recently . I had expected them to be good but I was delighted with their performance .I really  did not  expect a box so small to deliver so much! .

Mr S Crampton writes regarding M2 Ribbons, I finally fired up the speakers, having recently spent some time on the cabinet finishing and building the crossovers into the plinths below the speakers ,I was apprehensive about how they would sound. You may remember I am a Quad 63 owner, so I expect a lot from my speakers. No commercial speaker costing less than 1000 has ever caused me to sit down and really listen to music. These have. The midrange and treble is particularly outstanding- human voices are so accurate.

Mr A Jellett writes, My M5M kit is finished and nicely running in. Excellent! My Acoustics Engineering graduate son is very impressed with them. They look very good too with oak veneer and the grille fitted (small grand-children would be far too tempted by those lovely gold drivers if left exposed). Hard to describe but silkily musical without any loss of detail, especially on classical stuff. The Tag Test Tracks CD is brilliant through them. Very clear imaging as well from positions right across the room.

Mr B Cheal writes regarding 2 S5tl Waveguide Kits purchased 2012, First kit now completed- the speakers are up and running and sound lovely!

Mr Sigvard Kulterstad from Norway writes regarding S5tl Ribbons; They really give excellent value for money. The wide and detailed frequency response sounds excellent on all volume levels. These speakers need some running in, but when that is done, they really perform, Really pleased with the handling of my purchase

Mr J Farrell writes regarding the S5TL Ribbons; John from Glasgow here. Just a wee email to say a big thank you! I have put in over 40 hours in the last 10 days, since receiving my S5 Ribbon kit, and I fired them up for the first time just after 10pm with some Niel Diamond for a test. Wow! Ive just sold my ----Q900s I bought 12 months ago at a loss of 500 in 12 short months. Well worth it. I know I need to bed the S5s in, and the sound will change in that period, but again -Wow !. They sound so natural, with bass, mid, and treble all floating over a sound stage like I have never been wealthy enough to experience. A very proud IPL customer.

Mr P Carter writes regarding S5tl Kevlar Ribbons; Hello Ivan I have now had the S5tls running for a week or so. These things are incredible, so clean and deep. No tuning done yet as will run them in thoroughly first before I decide if it is necessary. Despite very heavy use they still appear to be changing as they run in. I have a pair of B&W Nautilus to compare these to (cost over 8000) and these are very much better. In fact we are having so much fun listening, my wife will not let me strip them down to finish the cabinets, but as soon as she does I will send some pictures of the finished articles , they deserve a world class finish. They go to very loud levels with my 38 watt valve amplifier and I dread to think how loud they will go with 200 watts. I may find out since I have a Musical Fidelity A370 power amp in the dining room system which will exercise them well. Thanks again for some wonderful speakers. These deserve a much bigger audience.

Ben Gaffer , Mombasa writes regarding S5tl Kevlar Ribbons,  Finally got them built from Mvuli hardwood with a matching amp rack/bookcase, look wonderful, paired with a Musical Fidelity XA200R and bi-wired with good cable. With a decent recording they sound incredible and fill the house with sound! even with the tiled floor the bass is warm and deep and the detail from the higher frequencies is really staggering. What really astounds us is that they keep the detail even at higher volumes. Everyone is amazed by them... I am in the process of listening to all my music collection again!  Best sounding Hi-fi in Mombassa for sure! Thank you for all the help with these!

Mr R Colman S5TLs in Thailand- last year (2011) you supplied me with the S5tl kit which I took home to Thailand. Finally I got them finished and I just wanted to say I'm absolutely delighted. They sound fantastic and wow everyone who hears them. A couple of photos attached. In the end the furniture company that made them veneered them in mahogany. The stereo imaging is a revelation, the impression of control is total, and in particular, voice and acoustic guitar is stunning. So many thanks for enabling me to build a truly great pair of speakers.

Mr. A. C. S. Lancs writes; IPL Acoustics really have an excellent range of Transmission Line kits. The sound quality of each design is superb. So far I have constructed the S3, S4 and S5tl kits. The S5tls are the finest speakers I have, and the ones I use for my daily listening. There are benefits from Bi- wiring and especially from bi-amping (which I use) The sound is natural, unforced and effortless , and the closest to the real sound I have achieved.

Mr A Marsden writes regarding S5tl Kevlar ribbons;  Just finished putting speakers together- thought I would test them prior to attempting to Veneer. Initial impression is -Wow! The bass is deep, deep, midrange is clear and smooth, and treble is crisp and sweet- and this is without running in.... Sensitivity appears slightly below my Rogers LS7 but I guess the drive units should loosen up somewhat. Currently feeding them with PPKT-88 valve amp, with special Amorphous OPTs-  marvellous stuff. All credit to you for an exemplary design- congratulations. Veneering will have to wait -time to listen to the CD collection again!

Paul writes regarding S5tl Kevlar Ribbons; The speakers have been completed for a while and look superb in their veneer, When I first connected them I was shocked how bright they sounded after my IMFs but as you warned me via your instructions it would take a few hours to run them in and of course I still had the option of "tweaking" the crossover or adding more Long haired wool. I need not have worried, after about 10 hours or so they settled down and wow! After 20 hours Yes! No tweaking required. To be honest I was so excited at completing them, I didn't even pay much attention to positioning, but they still sound absolutely amazing. A beautiful crystal clear top end, with a massive and controlled midrange, and that superb bass that only a transmission line can produce. These are mind blowing speakers, that bring a smile from ear to ear every time I listen. At first glance, hard to justify nearly 800 (complete with veneers etc) for "do-it-yourself" speakers, but I would say to anyone that wants to listen, go for it. I doubt you would get any change from about 5 times that amount, for factory manufactured units and very possibly they would not be built with the same care as when you do it yourself. Thank you so much for providing us all with affordable high end speakers.

Mr M Dryden writes;- I am mailing you to let you know of my experiences with the S5tl Kevlar Ribbons. I built them and ran them for about a week before veneering them and have to say they sound amazing, and look like they sound; Serious. They are being bi-amped with matching120wpc Nad Power Amps and sound extremely natural and open .I must say I agree with other reviewers in that I am hearing new parts in the mix of familiar material to me. In fact I believe the S5tls have taken me considerably closer to what the musicians and engineers must have heard in the studio, they are that good. Instruments sound very real; I play Fender Bass so know the sound well, and can tell when such an instrument is playing on a track, instead of a vague bassy boom that could be anything. Thank you for your advice, and all your research and development of these amazing speakers, I am delighted.

Mr G Gardner writes regarding S5tl Kevlars, After spending a great deal of time building and finishing the cabs the S5tls were tried out today for the first time with the Glow-Master using the Vandamme cable (bi-wired). My first impressions are that they to me at least are easily as good as the B&W 805s (10k) if not better.. The bass is firm and expansive- without being overblown. (The Glow-Master controls them tightly). Midrange as ever is superb, and the ribbon tweeter produces effortless high notes, for me the complete package and for me the ultimate amp/speaker combination.. Female voices are projected with unbelievable clarity and naturalness. As they bed down- I expect them to improve further- but my expectations have already been more than met, and almost certainly exceeded. Another stunning speaker- in my opinion virtually without competition in the 5k-10k price bracket. I hope to compare them to the Revolver Cygnis soon- but I think I know which pair I will put my money on!

Mr I King writes regarding S5tl Kevlar Ribbons;  I would like to thank you for all the help you have given in construction of the above speakers. Not only are they a fantastic pair of speakers, the quality of your after service is second to none. I appreciate all the help you have given me whilst constructing these speakers.

Mr R Youens  Grantham Writes; The superb S5tl speakers I have just completed are indeed something out of the ordinary. .The level of transparency, imaging, and depth is quite extraordinary. The flexibility and simplicity of tuning the frequency response and damping for any particular room condition is a breath of fresh air for any enthusiast of pure sound. Being a Video Installation engineer by trade, I get the opportunity to see many audio set-ups on my travels and this speaker is in my opinion, up there with the very best and very expensive. After the SW2 and now the S5tls I am now saving for one of your centre speakers. I could recommend your kits to anyone who likes to get "hands on" and craves an absolute bargain

Mr P Carter writes; I have now managed to prise the S5tl speakers away from the wife long enough to get the furniture finish on them, They now look as good as they sound, and in fact are still improving. We have had some extremely expensive speakers through here recently and the S5tls are going nowhere. Some speakers seem to do a bit of the audio range as well and the odd one may be slightly better at a certain thing. than the S5tl, but nothing seems to give the completeness of the S5tl. I am now running them with Krell KSA 80 amplification and Townsend Rock 7/ Origin Live. Encounter/Soundsmith The Voice and they are stunningly good. People who hear them are amazed by their authority, yet delicacy. They are also accurate enough to reveal the slightest change to the system. If you have never heard the lowest octaves with these and a Townsend Rock then you are missing out on life.

Mr. R.W.P. Hampton writes; I am pleased to tell you the S5tls sound splendid .

Mr S Cobham writes, regarding S5tls; Thanks for great sounding speakers

Mr. J.R.W Scunthorpe writes regarding the S5tls; The sound is enormous ,detailed, having bottomless bass, without boom ( not like some commercial designs) . It is not really noticeable until program material such as Rhythm of the Saints is played and the bottom notes on the fretless bass really come out- I have never heard them before!. These speakers make my friends L........ s sound like surround sound monitors!. 

Mr. Sinclair, Neath writes; Thank you for sending me details of your new S5tl Gold . this speaker looks like being another success for IPL following in the steps of its predecessor The S5tl which in my opinion was the finest speaker at any price anyway. Many of my visitors have commented and complimented  on the sound quality of the S5tl and are amazed at the professional finish achieved from a self-assembly kit. One person refused to believe I had built them myself , preferring to think that I had gone daft and spent a small fortune. 

Mr R Lovelady writes regarding the AVC2 flat panel wall speakers; just finished the first of the four speakers and hooked it up for a test run . I had pretty high expectations from the reviews , but I must say I"ve been completely blown away with the sound coming from this thing, from just a couple of minutes of music. I will now hasten back to the workshop and finish the other three!. Just wanted to say; thank you for the kit living up to the hype- great job!

Mr D Baron writes rregarding SM1 mk2; The SM1s are really amazing, A superb soundstage, detail and clarity and entirely musical, they really have got it together, The SW5 sub just does its thing with no fuss . I am really happy. Thank you for all your help.

Mr D Woodnott writes regarding SM1s: Speakers sound really good, I have made the cabinets from ply. At present cabinets are only screwed together, so will expect even better results once glued up and finished. Thanks again for a really good product

Mr S.J.March writes regarding the SM2s; Well I finally finished my SM2 Ribbon speakers today- AMAZING! So impressed with the sound already- thank you so much real treat for my jaded ears!

Mr R Innes Rotherham writes; I have been building IPL kits for more than 12 years now and have built most of the range for myself and other people and have become most adept at building the cabinets. In all this time I have never had a pair that does not sound superb. I have compared these speakers to commercial speakers at several times the price and have never found them to have been beaten. I can recommend these speakers to anybody who wants a high end sound at a very sensible price.