IPL ACOUSTICS Speaker kits FOR HOME CINEMA USE, Flat Panel wall speakers, Centre Speakers, Active Subwoofers (Price List)


With the Advent of 4K Blu-ray, Dolby Atmos and High Definition Sound ,You have to get yourself a speaker system that will do justice to the new High Definition Sound Formats available.  A so-so speaker system will no longer do, IPL can help you put together a top quality system saving yourself a fortune over the equivalent commercial products!

 SW4, SW5, and SW6, 300 Watt Active Subwoofers

New Improved AVC1, AVC2, and AVC4 Flat Panel 

   AVC-PRO Centre

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Kit (click for details) Drive Units Cabinet Basic Kit Plus Kit P&P UK Total Kit P&P UK
AVC1 Flat panel per pair IPL/4/M/S and IPL N25 280 H x 220 W x 86mm D 114.20 136.29 10.50 168.29 pair 12.50
AVC2 Flat Panel per pair IPL/5/M/S & IPLN25 360 H x 250W  x 110mm D 136.00 161.50 11.50 198.50 pair 14.00
AVC4 Flat Panel per pair IPL/6/M/S &IPL N25 465H x  355W x 123mm D 159.10 187.63 12.00 240.63 pair 16.00
AVC-PRO Centre  single 2 x IPL/5/M/S mag basss,1 x CD3.0 ribbon 450 x 298 x 275mm 22 litre 212.55 single 241.37 single 11.50 284.37 single 15.00
SW4 10" Active Subwoofer SAM 300D  amp & 10" Peerless 254 unit 329 x 326 x326mm,  28 litre


226.70 12.00  278.70 16.00
SW5 12" Active Subwoofer SAM 300D  amp & 12" HiVi Kevlar bass unit 420 x 405 x 405mm , 45 litre


312.00 13.00 374.60 single 18.00
SW6 15" Active Subwoofer SAM 300D amp and IPL 15AW20D 440 x 445 x 445mm 60 litre   304.50 13.00 379.50 single 20.00

IPL HOME CINEMA SYSTEMS Compatibility Table (as all systems measure well, virtually any combination is possible, however below we suggest some great sounding systems, combining speakers from this section and the Hi-Fi and/or Transmission Line section)

Centre Speaker Fronts Rears Atmos Subwoofer
AVC1, AVC2 or AVC4 AVC1, AVC2 or AVC4 AVC1,AVC2 or AVC4 AVC1 or AVC2 SW4, SW5 or SW6
 AVC-PRO M3M, M5M, M1tl, S2tlm,  S2tlk ,S4tl or S5tl  M3M or M4 Ribbons AVC1, or AVC2 SW4 , SW5 or SW6

Especially Recommended for a superb system is the  AVC-PRO centre, ( or the AVC3 centre) with any transmission lines , and the M3M Ribbons or M4 as rears,AVC1 or AVC2 as atmos ceiling speakers, combined with the SW4, SW5, or SW6, subwoofer. You will find it difficult to beat these systems at any price!

Subwoofers; as a rough guide use SW4 in rooms up to 22 sq metres (floor area), SW5 up to 38 sq metres, SW6 up to 64 sq metres , larger areas you can double up