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In 2003 Hi-Vi Research were commissioned by Volkswagen to produce a high quality speaker system for their Passat and Bora range.

The resultant system, the B650CS, became very highly regarded both home and abroad, and became part of the C series of high end products with accurate and smooth performance, large sound-field, low distortion, and a musical sound.

The series includes the CF150- 5" and CF160- 6" coaxial units and the 6" component system B650CS. Hi Vi Research use rigid but light ceramic polypropylene talc cones to give a fast dynamic sound that has a high degree of moisture resistance. The tweeters use high performance neodymium magnets and natural fabric to give a highly damped dome membrane and smooth response, a low mass voice coil and Ferro- fluid cooling give a detailed treble with high power handling.

Coaxial systems include grilles mounting frames and screws, and component systems include tweeters , bass units and crossovers.

UNIT Diam. ins Sens dB Freq Response Max Power Nominal power Imped Chassis dims Cut-out dims Depth Grille dims Price / pair Post/ pair
B650CS 6.5 90 55Hz-23kHz 100W 40W 4 ohm 166mm 144mm 67mm   51.00 10.00
CF150 5.25 91 60Hz-23kHz 120W 40W 4 ohm 138mm 116mm 65mm 158mm 45.00 10.00
CF160 6.5 92 45Hz-23kHz 150W 50W 4 ohm 166mm 144 67mm 173mm 50.00 10.00